10 Reasons to Be Pissed Christmas Is Over

Is there anything more depressing than hearing a Christmas song the day AFTER Christmas? It makes me want to punch Nat King Cole in the face. When we reach the moment that is literally the furthest away from Christmas we will get every year, there's a sort of resigned melancholy that resonates with those of us who truly enjoy Christmas. Some rejoice (check my earlier blog post for reasons), but many lament the passing of another year and the hibernation of a certain red coat-wearing fat man.

If you are glad it's all over, consider these reasons to be sad. If you feel nothing, Scrooge, I can't help you.

Taking down decorations.

There are few more depressing tasks than the cleanup after a party. Christmas decorations are like a month-long party and taking them down is a boring, morose task we could all do without. And don't leave them up until April, Jasper. This ain't hillbilly country.

No good reason to continue consuming pumpkin pie and eggnog.

I said no GOOD reason. Sure, you can slurp it all down, but you'll look weird and a little sad.

No gifts until your birthday.

If your birthday is in the summer like mine, that's a long time and it feels weird to ask for gifts in the interim.

The sad "discount Christmas stuff" rack at the store.

What was once festive is now just uncomfortable.

The Christmas specials and movies are done.

If you are glad that Elf won't be on TV until next year, I weep for your soul.

People are grumpy again.

So long, Christmas spirit. Hello, road rage.

Vacation is over.

For many, Christmas also represents a brief respite from work. Even the days leading up to it are lousy with parties and revelry. Going back to work after Christmas is like the first day of school as a kid. It sucks.

No more Christmas music.

Don't hate, Grinch, or Frank Sinatra's ghost will punch you in the throat with a yule log.

The reminder football season is almost over.

Big games are on the horizon, but then it's over until September. Sigh.

No more cookies.

Oh, sure, you can make some chocolate chip cookies, but the sand tarts and pecan sandies are gone until next year. Sniff.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.