10 Sequels That Don't Need To Happen

For those who've been pining for the return of the "Blue Steel" and the "Magnum," your patience is about to be rewarded:

Ben Stiller is dead in the middle of promoting "Little Fockers," out Dec. 22, but he's already got his eye on yet another sequel: "Zoolander 2."

Stiller and "Fockers" cohort Owen Wilson both confirmed that the comedy is preparing for "go," with Stiller noting that a script has been prepared.. [...] "I just saw him now and we're talking about doing another Zoolander movie," Wilson said as the two actors passed in the hall during the "Fockers" press conference. While he didn't get into how much of a role he'd play in the next film, he said "I think there's a really good script and I think we're going to do it."

When asked if Will Ferrell will be reprising his role as Mugatu, Stiller said, "Hopefully."

Much has changed since Zoolander was released in 2001: Stiller's branched out more into "serious" film (though he still graces us with new Madagascar or Fockers movie every few years), Wilson famously hit the skids in 2007, and Ferrell has gone on to minor success in smaller art house productions.

Seriously, has anyone really been psyched for this? Have we not seen enough of Stiller as an egomaniacal pinhead (Dodgeball, Tropic Thunder) or Ferrell as a bellowing lummox (Old School, Anchorman, Blades of Glory) in the past nine years? Are Stiller, Ferrell, Judd Apatow or Adam Sandler the only people allowed to make comedies these days? Most importantly, are there any sequels less anticipated than a second Zoolander?

Funny you should ask.

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