10 Sex Offenders Who Look A Lot Like Sex Offenders

Many of the twisted people who are sex offenders don't look the part -- they seem like upstanding citizens, until you get them alone with a helpless kid.

Others, though -- well, let's just say they might as well have a large neon sign on their forehead saying "Why yes, I am a sex offender."

The Texas Attorney General's office has a list of recently arrested fugitive sex offenders, people who generally failed to register as required by probation. Some highlights:

Richard Wayne Endsley
Crime: Indecency by sexual contant with 11-year-old boy
Red Flag Number One: The name Wayne.
Red Flag Number Two: Beard that says "I have no respect for the rules and mores and so-called 'normal' society"
Red Flag Number Three: Headband.

We do like the photographer's decision to forego the usual cinder-block background and go for a bucolic setting. Probably a moonlighting wedding photographer.

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Richard Connelly
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