10 Sex Offenders Who Look A Lot Like Sex Offenders

Many of the twisted people who are sex offenders don't look the part -- they seem like upstanding citizens, until you get them alone with a helpless kid.

Others, though -- well, let's just say they might as well have a large neon sign on their forehead saying "Why yes, I am a sex offender."

The Texas Attorney General's office has a list of recently arrested fugitive sex offenders, people who generally failed to register as required by probation. Some highlights:

Richard Wayne Endsley
Crime: Indecency by sexual contant with 11-year-old boy
Red Flag Number One: The name Wayne.
Red Flag Number Two: Beard that says "I have no respect for the rules and mores and so-called 'normal' society"
Red Flag Number Three: Headband.

We do like the photographer's decision to forego the usual cinder-block background and go for a bucolic setting. Probably a moonlighting wedding photographer.

John Douglas Cromeans
Crime: Aggravated sexual assault of eight-year-old girl
Red Flag Number One: The eyes, of course. Police should arrest this guy on general principles if he ever gets within two blocks of a school-bus stop.
Red Flag Number Two: Really, with those eyes you don't need any other signs.

Justin Blake Ard
Crime: Aggravated sexual assault of boys aged one, four and eight
Red Flag The stylish bangs, which proudly denote he has given up all hope of having sex with a woman his age.

Robert Bagsby
Crime: Indecency by exposure with five-year-old girl
Red Flag: If this guy hasn't mastered the "Creepy Grandfather" look, he's in the top three. Has a bit of the Grandpa Munster look to him, too.

Gail Brooks
Crime: Indecency with four-year-old girl
Red Flag: Mr. Magoo glasses. Dude may have thought he was hitting on a 42-year-old stripper.

David Choat
Crime: Aggravated sexual assault of six-year-old boy and eight-year-old boy
Red Flag: Hipster-doofus goatee. You can probably smell the weed coming off him 24/7. Not exactly baby-sitter material.

Kristian Wayne DeFord
Crime: Aggravated sexual assault of seven-year-old boy
Red Flag Number One: "Wayne"
Red Flag Number Two: Looks like a dude who could recite a book's worth of mope-rock lyrics justifying how no one understands him and what he does.

Micky Hollaway
Crime: Indecency by contact with a five-year-old girl
Red Flag: Hair style, beard, fearsome facial scar -- Mountain Man doesn't play by your "civilized" rules.

Kendal Dyan Kucholtz
Crime: indecency by exposure with five-year-old boy
Red Flag: Those angry eyes, as the old song goes. Any sentient man over the age of 18 can sense trouble out of this one, even five beers into the night.

Ricky Meek
Crime: Indecency with a six-year-old girl
Red Flag: "Sitting on a park bench / eyeing little girls with bad intent." At least there's no "snot running down his nose" in this picture.

Bonus: Cornelius Ray Osborne
Crime: Aggravated sexual assault of 12-year-old girl
Red Flag: The picture pretty much speaks for itself.

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