10 Signs You Went to the University of Houston

No matter when you attended the University of Houston, there are some things nearly all students have in common.

10. You're not afraid of parking tickets. Especially if you've got a rental.

They are just slips of paper you may or may not pay, depending on whether or not your car is registered with UH.

9. You've mistaken at least one of your classmates as the professor on the first day of class. These next ten weeks should be fun...

8. You know who the university president is and that she's apparently our godsend. The details of her presidency may escape you, but you're definitely Team Renu Khator.

7. You could go a full week or two wearing red T-shirts you never paid for. But you stick to wearing them on your Cougar Red Fridays and to games.

6. You equate riding a roller coaster to driving on Cullen Boulevard. Buckle up and don't enjoy the ride.

5. You're used to rooting for the underdog at pretty much every sporting event.

The Cougars have definitely let you down a few times, but you love them all the same.

4. You've had a close encounter with a squirrel. Whether you fed it or it demanded food from you.

3. You roll your eyes at just the mention of Rice University. And you so cleverly hashtag #RuckFice.

2. You may or may not get carpal tunnel syndrome from overusing your Coog sign. It's your instinct to pose with it poised.

1. You've bragged about UH being a "tier one university" without actually knowing what that means.

Ehh, who cares about the details. GO COOGS!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.