10 Suggestions for Improving the Poorly Ranked Astros Radio Broadcasts

milo hamilton.jpg
The Astros have one of the worst-ranked radio broadcasts in baseball
Baseball blog and stats-geek delight Fangraphs did a little post over the weekend ranking the radio broadcasts of the 30 major league teams (h/t to Crawfish Boxes). There's nothing really shocking in the rankings, unless you count the Astros radio broadcast team only finishing at number 23 -- they're definitely not the worst in the majors, and having listened to the Yankees team over MLB.com at times, it's easy for me to see why that team is ranked as the worst in the majors.

Reading the comments, it's obvious why the Astros are ranked so low, and that's Milo Hamilton, which is another reason to be happy that Hamilton's leaving after this season. Dave Raymond and Brett Dolan have done admirably in their roles as Milo's caddies, especially considering that they were brought in to replace the popular Alan Ashby. But with Hamilton on his way out, here are a few things that, hopefully, Jim Crane will consider when it comes to assembling next season's radio broadcast team.

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