10 Trivia Pursuit Questions Whose Answers Have Changed Since 1982: Can You Get Them?

You may be playing board games as a way to ease through the holidays with family and friends.

Back in 1982, everyone was playing Trivia Pursuit. Everyone.

Some of the answers back then, of course, are no longer valid. And there are people who track this. Can you get the current correct answers?

1) What surnames are shared by at least two U.S. Presidents? 1982 answer: Adams, Harrison, Johnson, Roosevelt.

2) Where are three-quarters of the world's pineapples grown? 1982 answer: Hawaii

3) What is the most-attended sport in the U.S.? 1982 answer: Horse racing

4) Who was the last white man to hold the world heavyweight title? 1982 answer: Ingemar Johansson

5) What country borders Denmark to the south? 1982 answer: West Germany

6) How many rooms are in the White House? 1982 answer: 132 7) What is the second-biggest selling magazine in America? 1982 answer: Reader's Digest 8) What is the most common street name in America? 1982 answer: Park

9) What is the most popular cocktail in the U.S.? 1982 answer: Martini 10) What are the four most widely used languages in North America? 1982 answer: English, French, Spanish, Italian

The answers:

No peeking, dudes.

1. Add Bush 2. Thailand 3. Major League Baseball 4. Wladimir Klitschko 5. Germany 6. 137 7. AARP Bulletin 8. Main 9. Margarita 10. English, French, Spanish and Chinese

Thanks to the obsessives here for a thorough look at the 1982 answers that have changed, were wrong or debatable, or have been adjusted. Check it out.

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