10 TV Rooms In Houses Big Enough To Have Elevators

If your house is big and fancy enough to have an elevator (or a shaft ready for an elevator if you desire), then it's probably not your basic shotgun shack. And you, the owner, are probably someone who puts a lot of thought into your home.

Like, say, in the TV/media room.

We checked the Houston Association of Realtors website for elevatored homes, and checked out their media rooms. The 10 best:

10. We'd Like to Thank the Little People

Photos courtesy HAR
This Piney Point home

only allows Academy Award-winning films to be shown in its TV room. We assume there's another TV room nearby with giant replicas of the Vince Lombardi and BCS trophies.

9. Rocky in a mobile home

If one is truly to enjoy the cinematic excellence of


s II-V inclusive, one should enhance the viewing experience by using

a room that has the feel

of an overstuffed double-wide. Watch out for tornados!!

8. God bless this TV

Ah, stained glass:


is what Ned Flanders' video room would look like after he won the lottery and tithed 10 percent to his church. We also like that seat in the far back corner, where you have to sit and pretend there's not a gigantic TV screen behind you.

7. Why Does My Neck Hurt?

Geez, even the Astrodome had better sightlines

than this

. We guess having all the seats facing away from the screen is supposed to subtly remind everyone that you only rarely, rarely watch TV, and then only PBS and Kurosawa films.

6. Books!! We Read Books!!

Not to mention that

our "big screen"

looks like something a 7th-grade teacher would pull down in the `60s to show a documentary on coal called

Progress: America's Gift


5. Sorry About The TV, We Spent All Our Cash on Paneling

This house

's motto: We Know Not Rugs.

4. Only Three TVs?

Technically not a media room,

this house

features an office of a man so, so important that a mere two TVs can't satisfy him. The computer screen on the desk is for porn.

3. We Have Seen Both Titanic AND Die Hard, Thank You Very Much

We can't decide if the wall decorations


represent a wish list or braggin'. Chances that the wall you can't see has posters for

Anal Pleasues VII


Amateur First-Time Fisters

? Probably not too high, actually.

2. No Aggies Allowed


We don't think

this room

is orange enough, to be honest.

1. For When You're Missing Hotel Lobbies

Wishing you could get away to the Oklahoma City Hyatt? Wish no more!! Now you can bring the charming atmosphere of a Midwest upscale hotel lobby to

your own home.

(Hookers not included.)

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