10 Worst Robbery Neighborhoods In Houston

Last week we gave you the 10 worst neighborhoods in Houston for burglaries. This week, just in time for Christmas shopping, it's the worst neighborhoods for robbery.

As we cautioned before, HPD doesn't suggest comparing this raw data from neighborhood to neighborhood. Some beats are more densely populated than others, some are bigger, and a temporary spike could make any particular one look bad. But we present the info for what it is: The number of incidents in the most recent month for which info is available. In this case, October.

Counting down the top 10:

10) Beat 13D20 -- 16 robberies Glenbrook Valley and Garden Villas.

9) Beat 1A20 -- 16 East side of Montrose, Avondale, bits of Midtown. Maybe the Midtown street life plays a part?

8) Beat 18F40 -- 18 Briarmeadow, and along both sides of Westheimer between South Gessner and Voss. Lots of shoppers in this area.

7) Beat 19G50 -- 18 North of the Southwest Freeway, between Bissonnet and just beyond Bellfort.

6) Beat 3B10 -- 18 Northwest Mall, Oak Forest. The malls start to appear on the list.

5) Beat 17E40 -- 19 Creekbend, Fondren Southwest

4) Beat 18F50 -- 20 Sharpstown Mall, Regency Square

3) Beat 17E10 -- 22 Southwest Memorial Hospital, Burnett Bayland Park

2) Beat 18F30 -- 23 Richmond Strip and Briargrove. Probably the Richmond Strip more than Briargrove, we're guessing.

1) Beat 19G10 -- 25 Westwood Mall area

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Richard Connelly
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