100th Predator Gets Sentenced, Doesn't Get Prize

Congratulations, Christopher Leon Ferrell, of Houston! You were the 100th person arrested by the Texas Attorney General's Cyber Crimes Unit, and now you've been sentenced!!

Ferrell, 25, got eight years deferred adjudication, and will have to serve 30 days a year in jail for six years.

He's also barred from using the Internet and "having contact with children."

But still!! He was Number 100!!

“Thanks to five years of cooperative efforts with local law enforcement, our peace officers have reached an important milestone,” AG Greg Abbott said.

Ferrell was arrested on St. Patrick's Day after "sexually propositioning an undercover Cyber Crimes Unit investigator who had assumed the online identity of a 13-year-old girl."

He didn't even get his Chris Hansen moment: No meet-up had been arranged.

"Although Ferrell did not actually travel to meet with the online minor, Texas law makes it a felony to “knowingly solicit” a minor for sex," the AG's office says. "State law also explicitly prohibits offenders from defending charges against them by arguing that no meeting actually occurred."

Enjoy your jail time, Mister 100.

-- Richard Connelly

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