11 Horrible Wham-O Toy TV Ads From The `60s You Won't Believe

Wham-O has long been a purveyor of the kinds of toys that look great on TV, or even not so great on TV, but end up even worse when you try them at home.

They've had their successes, of course -- the Hula-Hoop, the Frisbee -- but TV back in the day used to be jammed with Wham-O ads for some unlikely "fun products".

Like these 11:

11. The Air Blaster

"You have the power of wind in your own hands!!" For God's sake, don't misuse it. If you actually believed the tepid puff of air from The Air Blaster could travel the

40 feet

claimed in this ad, then you were definitely in Wham-O's target demographic: Young and gullible.

10. Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Hey kids!! Pour some industrial gunk in your hand and then blow it up into a big, round ball!! Caution: Accidentally breathing in during the inflation process, or smelling the chemical, may result in a painful death.

9. The Wheelie Bar

In case you were somehow baffled as to how to pop a wheelie on your Sting-Ray bike, Wham-O was there to help. The company also offered, via the above ad, the single most unconvincing "burning rubber" sound effect ever.

8. Silly String

The Boer War?

7. Slip `n' Slide

At some point, research apparently indicated that viewers needed to be assured that "girls slide as well as boys." In case that wasn't clear due to some mid-`60s scientific theory or something.

6. Monster Magnet

Lift a metal stool

with a magnet

instead of your hands!!! Play somewhat Oedipus-ly creepy under the table where your mom's sitting! (Note: Monster Magnet apparently only sold to Volkswagen owners.)

5. Draw Yarn & Circus Cycle

We're guessing that in the mid-`60s, the "latest craze from Europe" wasn't drawing with yarn. And the Circus Cycle seems incredibly specifically designed to be a toy that is never used again after one facesplat.

4. Willie

The above ad must be watched while keeping in mind "willie" is a British euphemism for a penis. "Sold everywhere to everyone who wants a fuzzy friend for under a dollar!"

3. The Nutty Knotter

Two old dudes showing the very intricate moves needed to use the Nutty Knotter successfully. And after you have mastered this skill, kids, you....ummm...can make knots.

2. The Fun Fountain

Nothing says "fun" like some creepy, possibly brain-damaged man showing you how to drink some powdered water drink.

1. Zap-A-Bubble

We don't care what you say, this kid is downright scary.

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