11 Odd & Occasionally Ugly Snow Globes of Texas

When you think "Texas," you don't necessarily think "snow," unless your mind is drawn to fatal and tragic accidents during Super Bowls in cities that should never have them.

But snow globes are an important aspect of the souvenir trade, so whether the places in question ever actually get much snow or not, there will be round soapflake-filled globules of water depicting them.

And that includes Texas.

Here are 11 snow globes of the Lone Star state, for better or worse.

11. Houston
Here is Houston, with the buildings apparently melting under the onslaught of yet another unbearable August.

10. The Aggies
Reveille's facial expression says it all: We hired a black guy? From Cougar High?!?!?

9. The Longhorns
An animal that looks completely unlike Bevo, Tebowing.

8. The Texas Rangers
If you look closely, the globe says "World Series Champions." We can't imagine why when you click on the Web site's picture of this, it says "file not found."

7 . The largest lasso in the world
A cowboy hefts what looks to be a horse-sized loop of lasso about a foot thick to corral a...reindeer?

6. Austin
You'll have to take our word for this, this snow globe is of Austin. It's a pity the city doesn't have any architecturally recognizable buildings to highlight, like one with a dome or anything.

5. Dallas
Big Tex is downtown, for some reason.

4. Dallas redux
Reunion Tower no longer looks like a teed-up golf ball; it looks like...well, whatever it looks like, it's gone through a year of sectarian bombed-out strife in Sarajevo.

3. The Alamo
If it doesn't include Ozzy pissing on it, we're not interested.

2. Texas Stadium
This globe looks nothing like Texas Stadium, which famously featured a hole in the roof so God could see America's Team suck.

1. Texas
A classy globe...except for the huge armadillo.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.