The much more attractive host of today's bus tour

14:58, 14:57, 14:56...

I'd like to thank the folks (both of you) who e-mailed me that I noted the wrong time of the KRIV morning show spot we did today. I showed up for the ridiculously early 6:30 a.m. slot, not 5:30 a.m. We were also allowed to pimp HouStoned again at 8:20 .

I was amazed at morning reporter Lanny Griffith's energy level, and that anyone could be that perky when it was still dark out. It all made sense, though, when I saw the size of his Diet Coke jug.

Lanny and I were talking about the big crazy MasterCard giveaway that's going on through August 31. Basically, you can win 500 free airline tix to anywhere on the globe. We were standing in front of that huge limo/plane thing near Market Square (800 Preston). I had to explain to a couple of passers-by that it was not, in fact, a real working plane. (I thought its lack of wings would've been the giveaway, but whatev.)

For the final leg of the promotion (and my 15 minutes of fame), I'll be joining TV's Janine Turner (you know her from Northern Exposure) on a bus tour of the Inner Loop's "gems." Janine (the restraining order says I can call her that) and I will lead folks past Market Square, Midtown, Montrose, The Village (specifically Goode Co. Barbecue) and Buffalo Bayou. I'm personally looking forward to explaining that Montrose, for example, has gone from fancy residential neighborhood, to hippie, gay and now, yuppie.

Wanna hang? Come by 'round 1:30 p.m. for the bus ride. There's a bbq sandwich in it for you. — Steven Devadanam

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