2013 Crimesman Trophy: Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

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College football fans of recent years will always remember October 15, 2005.

It was an unbelievably scintillating afternoon of college football that included LSU knocking off Florida, an overtime thriller between West Virginia and Louisville, and the historic "Bush Push" game between USC and Notre Dame.

It was a blizzard of activity that left you feeling dazed and exhausted in every way.

Well, Wednesday was the October 15, 2005 of Crimesman Trophy history.

Because we may never see another day where not one, but TWO players facing murder-related charges getting arrested on the same day!

In case you missed it, we finally had the long awaited breakthrough in the Odin Lloyd murder case, and we finally got to see Aaron Hernandez do the perp walk! Here's the footage:

Murder and five gun-related charges, that's what Hernandez is looking at. He's already entered a "not guilty" plea, but the judge is holding him without bail.

The evidence, everything from a bullet casing in the rental car to chewing gum at the crime scene, places Hernandez at the murder scene with the victim. The prosecution used the word "execution" in describing the crime that Hernandez is accused of.

I stand by my post earlier this week. Aaron Hernandez is a fucking idiot.

Good night, Aaron. Not to be outdone (actually what am I saying, Hernandez has outdone everybody combined this offseason on this one), Browns undrafted rookie free agent Ausar Walcott was picked up for an incident on Sunday where he punched a man in the head:

Ausar Walcott, 23, punched the man in the head outside The Palace Gentlemen's Club on Main Avenue around 3 a.m. Sunday, said Detective Andrew White of the Passaic police.

Friends of the victim, Derrick Jones, 24, who lives in New York City, took him by car to the Harlem Hospital Center in Manhattan shortly after the assault, White said. He remained hospitalized in critical condition on Tuesday, White said.

Walcott, who told police he has been living with a friend in Maywood, was charged with first-degree attempted murder, second-degree aggravated assault and third degree endangering an injured victim, White said. He was arrested Tuesday morning after he turned himself in to police, and his bail was set at $500,000 cash, White said. He was scheduled to be sent to the Passaic County Jail in Paterson on Tuesday evening.

Taking out my "bad things happen" checklist: Strip club? Check. After 2:00 a.m.? Check. Alcohol? Doesn't mention it, but let's assume they weren't drinking Capri Suns at the strip club, so....check.

My favorite parts of the Walcott story:

1. Once he was arrested this morning, the Patriots actually cut Hernandez faster than the Browns cut Walcott, which probably should have clued us in the severity of what Hernandez was getting hit with, and reminded us that the Browns are ridiculously slow moving on the crime prevention front.

2. The Browns are a Crimesman Trophy juggernaut! Four players arrested this offseason, including an undrafted free agent, a seventh round pick, and two veteran free agents. Do they even do background checks in Cleveland? Do the other general managers that Mike Lombardi spent the last several years criticizing get to line up and critique his vetting process now?

Business is picking up during crime season!

Now, your updated and current Crimesman Trophy ratings...


TITUS YOUNG, Free agent...3 arrests, 11 crimes May 4, suspicion of DUI May 4, burglary (stealing his car back) May 10-11, a bunch of felony burglary and shoplifting charges too numerous to list here with confidence that I'm being totally accurate

CLIFF HARRIS, Free agent...3 arrests, 3 crimes April 29, possession of marijuana May 3, domestic harassment May 7, failure to appear in court

EVAN RODRIGUEZ, Chicago Bears...2 arrests, 2 crimes March 22, disorderly conduct May 31, DUI

AMARI SPIEVEY, Detroit Lions...1 arrest, 3 crimes March 26, third-degree assault, risk of injury to a child and disorderly conduct

MIKE GOODSON, New York Jets...1 arrest, 2 crimes May 17, drug possession, weapons charges

JOE MORGAN, New Orleans Saints...1 arrest, 2 crimes May 25, DWI, driving with no license

JASON PETERS, Philadelphia Eagles...1 arrest, 2 crimes June 12, drag racing and fleeing police

BRANDON BARDEN, Tennessee Titans...1 arrest, 1 crime February 23, DUI

MICHAEL BOLEY, Free agent...1 arrest, 1 crime February 8, child abuse

DA'QUAN BOWERS, Tampa Bay Buccaneers February 18, criminal possession of a weapon

ARMONTY BRYANT, Cleveland Browns...1 arrest, 1 crime May 3, DUI

DESMOND BRYANT, Cleveland Browns...1 arrest, 1 crime February 25, criminal mischief

QUINTON CARTER, Denver Broncos...1 arrest, 1 crime March 9, fraud in a casino

CODY GRIMM, Tampa Bay Buccaneers...1 arrest, 1 crime May 25, public intoxication

QUENTIN GROVES, Cleveland Browns...1 arrest, 1 crime April 17, solicitation of a prostitute

AARON HERNANDEZ, New England Patriots...1arrest, 6 crimes June 26, murder and five gun-related charges

JAVARRIS JAMES, Arizona Cardinals...1 arrest, 1 crime March 7, failure to appear in court

TRUMAINE JOHNSON, St. Louis Rams...1 arrest, 1 crime March 22, DUI

ADAM" PACMAN" JONES, Cincinnati Bengals...1 arrest, 1 crime June 10, assault

WILLIAM MOORE, Atlanta Falcons...1 arrest, 1 crime April 18, simple battery

AL NETTER, San Francisco 49ers...1 arrest, 1 crime February 20, DUI

AUSAR WALCOTT, Cleveland Browns...1 arrest, 1 crime June 26, attempted murder

DARYL WASHINGTON, Arizona Cardinals...1 arrest, 1 crime May 3, aggravated assault

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