2016 NFL Fantasy Crime League: Former Texan Shiloh Keo Is the First Player Arrested!

As we outlined last week, offseason crime for NFL players has never been a hotter topic than it is in 2016. It's of so much intrigue that you can now wager on which teams will have the most arrests and who will be the first player to be arrested. When the Super Bowl ended last Sunday, there appeared to be a race between Johnny Manziel and LeSean McCoy to see who would break the seal on offseason illegal chicanery. 

As of this typing, Manziel has seemingly gone into hiding while his domestic violence case is being investigated, and we're still waiting on arrest warrants for McCoy and his buddies for beating up some fellow patrons (who happened to be off-duty cops) at a club during Super Bowl weekend in Philadelphia. It's against this backdrop that we report on the strangest opening crime to a Fantasy Crime League season in the short history of the sport.

Much like the Really Rottens on Scooby Doo's Laff-A-Lympics, or like the Mild Sauce packet in the old Taco Bell packet races at Minute Maid, on the outside rail this past weekend came the unlikeliest of criminals to tip off the action in 2016 — former Houston Texans and current Denver Broncos safety SHILOH KEO! 

Per KBOI Channel 2 in Boise:

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — Super Bowl winner and current Denver Broncos free safety Shiloh Keo has been arrested for driving under the influence, according to the Ada County Jail roster.

The Idaho State Police say he was stopped on the outbound Connector, near milepost 4, around 12:35 a.m. Saturday morning.

The Denver Broncos sent the following statement to CBS affiliate in Denver, who shared it with us at KBOI 2News:

"We are aware of the matter involving Shiloh Keo and are in the process of reviewing it."

Few details are known about the traffic stop, however, Keo was booked into the Ada County Jail at 2:19 a.m. We have contacted ISP and they are working on relaying more information.

The 28-year-old tweeted recently that he was on his way home, which is currently in Eagle, Idaho. Keo played for the University of Idaho before he was drafted in the NFL.

Of course, we all know Shiloh Keo from his three years of special teams participation and poor tackling angles with the Houston Texans, 42 games worth from 2011 through 2013. He's better known around the country as the dude who semi-begged his way into a contract with the Broncos on Twitter in a December conversation with Denver defensive coordinator (and noted Keo enthusiast) Wade Phillips:

Of all the teams in the NFL (other than the Texans) for which a DUI could be the death blow for a marginal player, the Broncos might be it, considering they had a rash of arrests for driving while intoxicated a few years ago involving members of their front office and staff. If it turns out there's substance to Keo's arrest, he may have to sharpen up his Twitter begging game and see if his former position coach, Vance Joseph, now the defensive coordinator in Miami, is in need of any warm bodies.

And the FCL scoreboard's power is now officially switched to ON!


(SCORING Misdemeanor, 1 point per count; Felony, 3 points per count; Murder, 10 points per count)

2/13/16: Broncos S Shiloh Keo is arrested for DUI.

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