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Houston Art Car Parade 2020 is Cancelled

The Houston Art Car Parade won't be rolling the streets of Houston this April.
The Houston Art Car Parade won't be rolling the streets of Houston this April. Photo by Marr Zeringue

The Houston Art Car Parade that draws visitors from around the world, has been canceled for this year because of the affects of the coronavirus on the area. In a just-released statement  the Orange Show announced it was cancelling the 33 year-old event for 2020 whcih was to have taken place April 16-19.

Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, and the restrictions currently in place by the City of Houston and Harris County regarding public events, the Board of Directors of the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art has decided to cancel the 2020 Houston Art Car Parade. This will include all events associated with Houston Art Car Parade Weekend scheduled to take place April 16-19, including the Main Street Drag, the Sneak Peek at Saint Arnold Brewing Company, The Legendary Art Car Ball, The VIPit Experience, and the Houston Art Car Parade Awards Ceremony. 
Orang Show Founder and Chairwoman Marilyn Oshman went on to say that there are plans for a city wide Art Car Festival this summer which will feature many of the same cars that would have been in this pagare.

Ticket holders can expect to hear from the Orange Show soon.

In addition, the organization is suspending entry and tours of its two Houston folk art landmarks, The Orange Show and The Beer Can House until further notice. Smither Park remains open from dawn until dusk, though we encourage practicing social distancing when in public. Up-to-date information about their re-openings will be made available at
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