25 Reasons You Can't Talk Enough About Brett Favre Tonight

It's always nice when the local pro sports squad gets national TV attention. Tonight, for instance, the Houston Texans are taking on the Minnesota Vikings on ESPN's Monday Night Football. Sure, the game doesn't really count for anything, but it's nice to get a little attention.

So I've done a little checking, and have discovered the 25 major topics that ESPN will discuss during tonight's game.

1. Brett Favre.

2. Brett Favre.

3. Is there a schism in the Vikings locker room as the result of Favre signing with the Vikings?

4. Who will back up Brett Favre on the Vikings?

5. Is Brett Favre the greatest QB ever, or only the second best?

6. How does the signing of Favre impact Vikings running back Adrian Peterson?

7. Brett Favre.

8. Do the Green Bay Packers regret dumping Brett Favre?

9. How will Vikings coach Brad Childress change his offense to fully realize the abilities of Brett Favre?

10. What should the Texans defense do about Favre?

11. That time that Favre went nuts on Monday Night Football and threw for a lot of touchdowns.

12. Why isn't Texans QB Matt Schaub a tough bastard like Favre?

13. Do you know that Favre has never missed a start due to injury?

14. Now that the Texans are offense, let's go to Suzy Kolber on the sidelines for an interview with Brett Favre.

15. Now that Favre is out for the rest of the game, let's go to a highlight package of the greatest moments in Favre's career.

16. So Ron Jaworski, how bad a quarterback were you compared to Brett Favre?

17. So Jon Gruden, how many times would you have benched Favre in favor of Luke McCown?

18. Did I mention Brett Favre?

19. When Favre retires, is the NFL going to make every team retire his number just like major league baseball did with Jackie Robinson?

20. Let's go to Rachel Nichols who is standing out in front of Brett Favre's home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

21. Favre plays the game the right way.

22. Does God pray to Brett Favre?

23. Does the NFL really stand for the National Favre League?

24. There's Something About Mary sucked except for Brett Favre.

25. Welcome to tonight's game between featuring Brett Favre against some team nobody really cares about.

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