25 Things About The Texans-Titans Monday Night Match-Up

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For the second week in a row, it's homecoming week on Monday Night Football. This past Monday, it was the Baltimore Ravens returning to the place from which they came, Cleveland, to play the Browns. This coming Monday, the Tennessee Titans are returning to Houston to take on the Texans.

With that said, here are a few things to watch for in the time leading up to, and including the game.

1. Did you see that Bud Adams got fined $250,000 for flipping the bird at some fans from Buffalo? Can somebody tell me how it is he didn't get fined for screwing over the city of Houston and all Oilers fans when he split town?

2. Speaking of which, I'm sure John McClain is working on a column right now reminding us all that Bud is just misunderstood and that all he ever wanted to do was to be liked.

3. And I'm also sure that McClain will probably blame the citizens of Houston for everything that happened. Of course, he won't point out that it had been less than a decade since Bud had pulled his move the team to Jacksonville threat and the citizens of Houston and Harris County were still paying off all of the renovation work on the Dome when Bud made his demand again.

4. I'm curious. Will there be more Texans or Titans jerseys in the stadium? It's always about equal when it comes to the Texans versus a visiting team. I've been to games against the Colts where there are more people in Peyton Manning jerseys than are wearing Texans jerseys.

5. But the real question is which Vince Young jersey will they be wearing? His Titans jersey, or his Longhorns jersey?

6. And sometime before the game, expect Richard Justice to remind us that Vince Young is God.

7. You should also expect to hear numerous stories, again, about how the Texans bypassed Vince Young for Mario Williams.

8. If Texans win, Justice calls Gary Kubiak a genius for drafting Williams.

9. If Texans lose, Justice calls Charley Casserly an idiot for drafting Williams.

10. And Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak, both Oiler Hall of Fame linemen, will be back on the same field again, only this time they're assistant coaches for different teams.

11. Will Jeff Fisher once again try to prove he is a genius by abandoning his fantastic running game and turning to the pass?

12. Will Gary Kubiak continue to try and prove he is a genius by abandoning his passing game and trying to force the run?

13. Expect ESPN to show Vince Young breaking off that long run in OT to beat the Texans from his rookie year. Especially if he's looking good and Mario Williams is looking bad.

14. And once again, the best running back on the field will be on the opposition. Chris Johnson is probably salivating at the thought of going against the Texans defense once again.

15. And expect ESPN to show lots of highlights of Earl Campbell. Then expect them to rub it in that his records are now Tennessee Titans records.

16. But hey, at least the NFL isn't forcing the Titans to wear their Oilers uniforms for this game, are they?

17. To make it hurt even worse, ESPN will probably show lots of highlights of Bum and Pastorini and White Shoes and Blanda, etc.

18. And despite his yet to ever have a winning record, Gary Kubiak will be called a genius.

19. Someone in the ESPN booth will also remind us that Gary Kubiak is the QB guru responsible for John Elway and Steve Young.

20. The ESPN booth, probably Jon Gruden, will talk about Steve Slaton's fumbling problem, and how he probably has it solved. Then Slaton will promptly fumble.

21. There will be a discussion of Vince Young's problems from last year. By everybody except Richard Justice.

22. This is the 10th game of the season. Isn't it about time for Matt Schaub to trip on the chalk and hurt his pinkie finger?

23. Andre Johnson will be called the best wide receiver in the NFL, which is probably why Schaub will spend most the game throwing the way of David Anderson.

24. Andre Johnson will be called a warrior because he was so tough that, despite coughing up blood, he went back into the game against the 49ers, and that to keep him out, the trainers had to hide his helmet.

25. Bob McNair will be called a class gentlemen. As will the entire team. But most fans would probably prefer a playoff team.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.