When open, 290 actually looks pretty good. When it's open.
When open, 290 actually looks pretty good. When it's open.
Photo by Jeff Balke

More Headaches for Houston Drivers on 290 This Weekend

For seven years, we've all been forced to endure one of the more frustrating road construction projects in Houston history. And even as the bulk of the heavy lifting along the Northwest Freeway (US-290 for you naming sticklers) begins to wind down, there are still interminable construction projects and road closures ongoing, leaving area drivers as annoyed and bewildered as ever.

This weekend marks yet another irritating closure and, unfortunately, it's a lot closer to the Loop than we've seen in a while.

Beginning Friday at 9 p.m., all westbound lanes of 290 will be closed from 34th Street to Bingle. The entire freeway going westbound will remain closed until Monday at 5 a.m.

And if that weren't weird enough, keep in mind that the westbound feeder road at Antoine, one of the cross streets in between 34th and Bingle, has been shut down to one lane for quite some time. Going there even on a weekend morning often finds cars backed up halfway to 34th.

It's going to be a huge mess in what has been an epic disaster of a construction project. We don't need to tell you to avoid this area at all costs over the weekend.

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