36 Years At DPS, Eight Months As Chief -- And He's Outta Here!

The Department of Public Safety has put out a terse statement announcing that Colonel Stanley Clark, the director of the agency, has resigned that position as of 5 pm today.

Why? No answers are forthcoming from DPS or other officials. "This is an elite law enforcement agency. We expect all our employees to demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism. The director must set the example for all employees in their workplace communications," Allan B. Polunsky, chairman of the Texas Public Safety Commission, said in the prepared statement. "Col. Clark has acknowledged his failure to adhere to those high standards and has chosen to retire at the end of this month. We are disappointed by this matter, and we are committed to moving on in our search for a director."

Talk about leaving things to the imagination. What terrible evil could this guy have done in eight months on the job?

Early speculation centers on incompetence more than malfeasance. The fire that gutted the Governor's Mansion, and the ensuing "investigation," has been a fiasco for DPS. We guess someone had to take the fall.

But we'll wait until the Austin bureaus of the various papers (they still have those, don't they?) weigh in.

Update: And the Austin bureaus come through, colorfully...Is that why we have staffed bureaus with sources?

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