5 Memorial Day Pornos to Honor Our Country

Every Memorial Day, networks run marathons of classic war movies that dramatize the tragedies and victories our brave veterans experienced in service to their country. You bet we'll be watching Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, The Longest Day and a host of others. But you know what else we'll be watching? Porn. Because it's not just Hollywood that salutes our vets on the silver screen, it's the San Fernando Valley as well. (Well, maybe not for the silver screen, but roll with it.) Here are some suggestions for some adult entertainment that keeps the Memorial Day weekend in mind:

5. You're in the Army (2011) War truly is hell, and this film takes an unflinching look at the valor and grit of "tender, young girls" in battle, many of whom have to serve their country completely naked. Watch Jasmine Rouge, Titus Steel and Ruka Stone show you the "harsh realities of war." We salute each and every one of them.

4. A Soldier's Tail (2003) According to the liner notes, "At this military meat mart, they DO ask and they DO tell." Patriotic and topical. Sure to spur thoughtful discussion.

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3. Inglorious Bitches (2011) "Explosions, tanks, orgies, girl fights." Powerful stuff.

2.The Dirty Lickin' Dozen (2012) Although this meditation on the strong bonds forged in the face of death was only released a few months ago, it's already one of our favorites. This gripping saga shows that war takes an internal toll as well. As the box reads, these women "wage sexual war on the battlefield of their hot bodies." Watch Missy Monroe, Kelly Broox and Cherokee come to terms with life during wartime.

1. Navy Girls Love Semen (2005) Not just a story of war, but of love. This heartbreaking tale is one for the ages.

Enjoy, and God Bless America.

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