5 Replacements for The Jim Rome Show

Jim Rome is done in the Houston sports-talk radio market after KILT-AM 610 dropped the popular The Jim Rome Show last week.

Rome's show had become more than a little tedious in recent years, so replacing it should be easy; here are five replacements that would make for riveting programming in Rome's vacated three-hour hole.

5. 106: A Pitch-by-Pitch Breakdown of the Astros' 2011 Season Can't recall how, during Houston's shutout loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on April 29, Carlos Lee took Shaun Marcum's first pitch for a strike in the bottom of the fourth? You will now.

4. Hear Me Roar: Fireside Chats with UH Men's Basketball Fans The announced crowd at the Coogs' home win on December 30 against Texas State was 3,081, but from the looks of it, there were maybe 200 people at Hofheinz. It's been like that all season, so tracking down a couple hundred people to interview should be easy. The only problem with this show is that it will exhaust all of its sources by spring.

3. The Astrodome: Love It or Leave It? A comprehensive examination of the state of the Astrodome and how its future can enhance our daily lives. The program will feature exciting interviews with Harris County officials, former groundskeepers and Aramark Corporation hot-dog vendors. (By the way, there's always this idea.)

2. When the Clock Strikes Zero: How to Cope With the Texans' 2011-2012 Late-Season Collapse Folks aren't going to know what to do with themselves after the Texans complete the face-flop on Saturday during the franchise's first-ever playoff game. Or maybe the misery will be postponed for another week?

1. Shopping Smack-Off: The Best of Jim Rome's Fine Line of Endorsed Products You didn't always hear low-brow endorsements for horse racing and third-tier Internet service providers during every commercial break. This show, modeled after QVC, will feature Rome racking or running the clones as they give their takes on fast-food chains and income-tax services.

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