5 Things You Shouldn't Do When ESPN's GameDay Visits UH

It's a big deal that ESPN's traveling college-football preview show GameDay is posting up at the University of Houston's Cullen Circle in advance of the Cougars' game against the SMU Mustangs. (Who saw this coming, especially after quarterback Case Keenum tore up his knee last season?)

In order to represent our awesome city of Houston in a positive manner, it's imperative that you don't do these dum-dum things when the show begins to air live from the UH campus on ESPNU at 8 a.m. Saturday.

5. Don't sexually harass Erin Andrews Yes, she's a babe, but she's also a solid sideline reporter who doesn't want to have anything to do with your pervy, sat-on-the-bench-in-high-school behind.

4. Don't weep during Tom Rinaldi's human-interest piece About halfway through each show, ESPN reporter Rinaldi unveils his human interest story of the week that has a connection to one of the teams. Most of the time, the piece is really lame. However, when it's actually decent, the tinkling piano and minor-key violins, which appear when the subject endures some sort of tragedy, make the story soooo over the top cornball.

3. Don't give the guy waving the Washington State flag the business Since October 2003, "Coug Flag" has flown high and visible behind the GameDay crew for all in TV land to see. As the flag's name suggests, WSU's mascot is also the Cougars, which may peeve off UH fans. Just deal with it and admire the ritual from a school that doesn't have a whole lot of tradition to celebrate. (Hey, kind of like UH!)

2. Don't cheer Lee Corso's "headgear pick" Show co-host Corso punctuates the end of every show with which team he thinks is going to win the game. This includes the 76-year-old broadcaster donning mascot headgear on his dome piece and acting a fool. It's become the show's signature move, one that needs to go away, but will never if you encourage this buffoonery.

1. Don't expect GameDay to return Wave your "Case Keenum for Heisman" sign until your arm falls off because this is most likely the only chance that GameDay will visit the Third Ward campus for a long time, if ever. Sad but true, we're afraid.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.