50 Reasons Texas Is the Best State in America

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30. The Gruene Dance Hall on a Saturday night, where it doesn't seem like the 21st century at all.

29. Earl Campbell was a legend in Austin and Houston and shows every bit of what it took to become one.

28. The State Fair on Texas-OU Weekend is an amazing, appalling, exciting thing to see, even if you're not wearing crimson or burnt orange.

27. ZZ Top have told the world about Texas and still revel in it.

26. If there's an ethnic food that's not available in Houston, it involves a very, very small ethnicity.

25. Selena remains in the hearts of fans long after her murder.

24. Strolling around the Buckhorn Museum in San Antonio with a beer.

23. We're the biggest state in the Lower 48 so, you know, suck on that, Delaware.

22. The remoteness of El Paso: Waaaaay out there in the desert, all by its lonesome, still considered part of the family.

21. You have to admit -- Texas politicians can be very entertaining. Dangerous, yes; misguided, almost always; but at least they provide lots of laughs, none of them intentional.

20. October in Texas almost makes up for August.

19. South Congress in Austin is always changing but always keeping the spirit that made it what it is, unlike Sixth Street.

18. The state's musical history is filled with blues greats like T-Bone Walker, Leadbelly and Blind Lemon Jefferson.

17. Blue Bell ice cream and the way Texans are fiercely loyal to it.

16. Bat colonies in big cities like Austin and Houston.

15. Fiesta Marts carry food you never knew existed.

14. Few states have legislatures that meet less often than Texas's, and we like to keep it that way.

13. The stunning art museums in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth. And the fact that we know enough not to act shocked at the idea that Fort Worth would have a world-class art museum.

12. Hippie Hollow isn't as weird or free as it once was, but it's still Hippie Hollow. Everyone should get naked there once.

11. Houston took rap and made it its own and gave it to the rest of you. You're welcome.

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