6 Videos to Mentally Prepare You for Game 7 of the World Series

You can debate all you want about which sport is the best or most fun to watch, but one thing most sports fans can agree on -- regardless of the sport, there is nothing quite like a Game 7.

Sometimes it's not about the amount of true action, nor about personal history with a sport (i.e., "Well, I played [fill in name of sport here] as a kid"). Sometimes it's just a matter of sports mortality being on the line.

I had a boss one time who liked to couch every decision and thought with the basic premise that human beings do two things -- seek pleasure and avoid pain. Everything boils down to that. Game 7's embody that. Win, raise the trophy. Lose, go home.

Well, looky here, tonight we have a Game 7!

The baseball gods gave us a gift of a Game 6 last night, one of the best games in the history of the Major League Baseball playoffs, an exhausting 10-9 win by the St. Louis Cardinals over the Texas Rangers. Twice the Cardinals were down to their final strike, and twice they were able to battle back (including a game-tying RBI single by former Astro Lance Berkman in the bottom of the 10th) before a home run by St. Louis native David Freese won the game in the bottom of the 11th.

So now after depleting virtually their entire bullpens last night, both teams must come back tonight one more time, winner take all. The players will be mentally ready to go, but it's my job to make sure you, as a fan, are ready to go. (Well, I don't know if it's my job, but I'll take the reins.)

So as we get ready to kick off the weekend with a Game 7, here are a handful of videos of other prominent World Series moments of the modern era to help get your game face on. (NOTE: My definition of "modern era" is a very selfish one -- I define "modern era" as the era beginning when I started watching baseball. The ego on me!)

You're welcome!

6. 1979, "We Are Family" Pirates win Game 7 in Baltimore

NOTE: This is the last time a home team lost a Game 7. Home teams are 8 for 8 since this cool night in B-more. Make a note for tonight.

5. 1986, Bill Buckner signs his papers for the Witness Protection Program

NOTE: I grew up a Red Sox fan and was seventeen years old when this happened. It is still, to this day, one of the three most emotionally scarring sporting events of my lifetime.

4. 1988, Kirk Gibson's pinch homer off of Dennis Eckersley

NOTE: Dennis Eckersley has the EXACT same haircut today as he did in 1988. I believe he is the only person with hair alive today who can make this statement.

3. 1991, Kirby Puckett home run in Game 6

NOTE: I'm not a Joe Buck fan, but I thought the subtle tribute to his dad on this call was pretty cool.

2. 1993, Joe Carter walk-off home run versus the Phillies

NOTE: For whatever reason, I couldn't find this home run on YouTube as an isolated clip, but even better, I found it embedded into this 1993 Coke commercial. Some good '90s cheese.

1. 1997, Marlins come back in 9th inning of Game 7

NOTE: This Marlins team is best known for being dismantled by Florida ownership about five minutes after the World Series, like a child dismantles a building he just made out of Legos.

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