6-year-old Safe After He Gets on School Bus & Is Dumped by Driver

Mom Ashley Dorsey was pretty upset when she contacted us earlier today, saying her six-year-old son ended up walking on West Bellfort for an entire hour after school Tuesday after being dumped nowhere near his home before a stranger picked him up and got him to police.

This afternoon, Dr. Victoria Dunn, who is superintendent of the state-chartered Girls and Boys Preparatory Academy, 8282 Bissonnet, was making no excuses, saying, "There will be consequences" and that her Human Resources Department will be talking with the driver.

"We apologized to the mom. It never should have happened," Dunn said. "We can't turn back the clock, but we can make sure it never happens again."

Dorsey said her son "had gotten into the wrong line at school" and that instead of being in the line for car riders, was in the one to get on the bus.

"My child has never ridden the school bus this year before. Long story short, he had gotten on the bus, and the bus driver dropped my baby off where he has never been; my child told the bus driver that he didn't live there, but the bus driver didn't care, and told my baby to get off the bus," she said.

A woman stopped and asked Dorsey's son if he was lost.

"My child was crying at this time, telling the lady he was trying to find his home," Dorsey said. "The lady took my baby to the police station. Thank God my child remembered my number and his grandfather's number."

Dunn said this wouldn't be a matter of installing new procedures. "We have procedures. We've just got to follow them." She said the driver had let the boy off with a lot of other kids, but what happened wasn't right.

She said Dorsey had been in to the school today and the administration had apologized profusely. And Dunn said she was so glad that he was found safe, without any harm coming to him during his unintended long walk.

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