60 Minutes Is Very Mean To A UH Alum

It's not often a UH alum gets a big profile on 60 Minutes, unless it's Tom DeLay.

But last night the venerable news magazine profiled Julian Schnabel, the artist/film director who was nominated for an Academy Award last year the The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

So how'd he come off?

Pretty shitty, actually, as this clip shows.

Morley Safer (still alive!) asks Schnabel about former Time art crtic Robert Hughes, who has long blasted Schnabel's work.

The playbook is clear on what to do in this situation -- you laugh it off with a dismissive quip. Instead Schnabel's eyes narrow (behind his oh-so-hip shades) and he says "Is this really what you want to do?"

Safer changes the subject to movies; Schnabel pauses for a long time, then blurts out "I'm still pissed off about talking about Robert Hughes."

Classy, dude.

We know someone who was at UH with Schnabel, and has told plenty of stories about his assholishness. We didn't put too much stock in them, but now we're re-assessing.

(Schnabel trivia: His UH roommate was Robert Wuhl, of Arli$$ fame.

-- Richard Connelly

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