Kendall Lamm at left tackle is a recipe for disaster.
Kendall Lamm at left tackle is a recipe for disaster.
Photo by Eric Sauseda

Houston Texans Fans Have Spoken — Pay Duane Brown!

As we've outlined here in the past 24 hours, the Houston Texans problems are many — too many to list all in one story, and chances are that very few of these issues get fixed this season. Very depressing. However, as an NFL team, it is your duty to season ticket holders and citizens of your city to do the very best you can to fix whatever you can when solutions are readily available.

And I think we can say, after one game, that the left tackle position is a position on this team that is in dire need of repair, if not a complete teardown and do-over. Behold, the video evidence....

The good news is that, theoretically, there is a left tackle solution sitting at home right now. Duane Brown, the incumbent left tackle here since his rookie season in 2008 is in the midst of a holdout that has now bled into the regular season. Yes, we are at a point where Duane Brown would rather forfeit $553,000 game checks than play for this team.

To be fair, we have no idea exactly what it is Duane is looking for from the Texans. Amazingly, the demands from Duane's side have not leaked out, and in his only media availability since the holdout began, Duane affirmed just one thing — he is definitely playing football this season. That could very well mean he wants to be traded and would play for anyone BUT the Texans. We have no idea.

So now, with the franchise's most valuable asset, Deshaun Watson, in the mix at quarterback, it would seem to be incumbent upon the organization to put the best possible protection in front of him, especially on his blind side. I don't know if I'd hire Kendall Lamm to save my seat at the movies, much less protect the back of my uber-valuable rookie quarterback. He needs to be replaced by someone... or something... honestly, any tangible noun will do.

So if it's merely about money (which is the case about 98 percent of the time, and honestly, again, if it's about something other than money with Duane, I can't imagine what it would be), then should the Texans go ahead. After watching the offensive line allow ten sacks to the Jaguars (something that even the horrific 2002 line never did in one game), should they capitulate to Duane Brown, assuming his demands are reasonable?

Well, the majority of Texan fans responding to my Twitter poll say "YES"...

What would constitute "reasonable"? I've said all along that I would be in favor of tearing up the final two NON-GUARANTEED seasons of Duane Brown's deal, which total about $19 million, and giving him a new three-year, $33 million deal with about $15 million guaranteed, which would take him through 2019.

But again, we have no idea if this would placate Brown.

What we do know is it would placate 63 percent of you responding to that poll, and would infuriate the (very vocal) 37 percent of you who think Duane should get bent. We close with those comments from the vocal minority...

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