Junior Velasquez
Junior Velasquez

76-Year-Old Man Tied Up for Two Days by Burglars

Burglars left a 76-year-old man tied up in duct tape and wrapped in a rug for two days while they calmly ransacked his house, the Harris County Sheriff's Office says; the man eventually dragged himself out onto the street to find help.

Two suspects have been arrested in the incident, which happened earlier this month near Highway 6 and Highway 290, HCSO says.

The victim did not want his name released or to be contacted by the media, HCSO says.

It all began about 6 p.m. May 3, when the two forced their way into the man's home, wrapped him in duct tape and a rug, and left him on his bedroom floor. They ransacked the house for a few hours, HCSO says.

They left, but they came back the next day.

Erick Carranza
Erick Carranza

They came back to pick up whatever was left and to destroy any evidence, doing their work while the man remained tied up on the floor.

Guns, the homeowner's car, trailer and riding lawn mower were all taken.

And then:

On the morning of May 5, the 76-year-old victim thought he was going to die and decided to seek help. He somehow managed to roll out his back door, down a 100-foot driveway, and down to the road. He lay there until a passing motorist stopped and freed him. The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Erick Carranza and Junior Velasquez have been charged with aggravated robbery and unlawful restraint-serious bodily injury., HCSO says.

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