8 Football Announcing Cliches That Must End Now

We are joyfully deep into the football season, both college and pro, and gobbling up as many games as we can.

This means we have been subjected to the latest or the most longlasting bits of coachspeak that get parroted on the air ad nauseam by announcers in the booth.

We believe we could easily enjoy even more a full football weekend if we were guaranteed we would never hear the eight following phrases:

8. "Pin their ears back" We have no idea why ear-pinning is such an integral part of an effective pass rush, but it seems no series of sacks or hurries can be accomplished without an ear-pinning status update from an announcer. The price of pins alone must be a significant budget item; we can only assume Texans owner Bob McNair's miserly ways prevented the stockpiling of adequate ear-pin inventory in years previous to this one.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly