9 Outer-Space Bikinis and Why They Are Impractical

This summer we've looked at American-flag bikinis, Confederate-flag bikinis, Texas-flag bikinis and bikinis featuring flags from around the world.

We frankly thought we had exhausted the subject. But then our editor suggested "outer-space bikinis," so here we go:

10. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Style points: Off the charts, if you have an aluminum-foil fetish. Otherwise, we hope you're a fan of high collars. Impracticalities: You could pretty much sneak up on this woman undetected with the Giant Wall of Foil blocking her view. Plus, as the video shows, she's wearing a long wrap around her legs, and that's just wrong:

9. Some obscure '70s space movie with no wiki info available
Style points: Ask generations of Princess Leia geeks with years of lotioned-up palms.
Impracticalities: Ineffective against Hutt drool. Plus, it's a look that doesn't necessarily transfer well:

7. Star Crash
Style points: Firm, reinforced and braced breast squashers, if you're somehow into that. Straps direct the eye towards the belly button, if you're somehow into that.
Impracticalities: Looks like it would be a very involved process getting this thing on. Or off. Very strappy, overall. And in case you've never heard of Star Crash, it has a whole fan page dedicated to it and also includes thrilling scenes like this:

6. A top-secret NASA research project
Style points: Bold black-and-white color scheme, though for all we know it could be something else. You can also play tic-tac-toe on this woman's ass.
Impracticalities: We're no scientists, but we have our doubts about whether that helmet is really going to keep any oxygen from leaking out.

5. The Fifth Element
Style points: Strong, if the almost-naked-mummy look ever hits.
Impracticalities: Not recommended for those women with fuller breasts.

4. Mars Needs Women
Style points: Stunning, from the iconic office ceiling and HVAC covering to the ancient facemask on the -- oh, we thought you meant the decor. Otherwise it seems a very nice outfit.
Impracticalities: Produces odd tan lines. And yes, this isn't an outer-space bikini -- yet. This poor young girl, working her way towards a master's at Beehive U, is about to be abducted by the residents of the titular planet.

3. Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space
Style points: Black? Isn't that what all the zombies are wearing these days?
Impracticalities: Actually, the suits seem quite useful, if your intention is to distract potential victims from noticing you are eating their brains.

2. Futurama
Style points: Amy Wong always displays the utmost in understated taste and class when it comes to choosing outfits.
Impracticalities: Apparently reduces IQ.

1. Barbarella
Style points: The many outfits of Barbarella...well, let's just say they were of their time.
Impracticalities: Well, the movie sucks.

Honorable Mention: Technically this doesn't involve space, but it does involve a space-like bikini. Raquel Welch in Myra Breckinridge:

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