9 Reasons Fall in Houston Is Awesome

Fall in Houston is not exactly like other parts of the country. We don't get the same kind of foliage color changes. We don't really need layered clothing -- though you'll still find people doing it anyway -- but you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer place to be after October 1. But, it is more than just the change in the weather and the onset of holiday season. There are plenty of reasons to love Houston in the fall.

9. The Texans, Rockets, Dynamo and, occasionally, the Astros are playing at the same time.

There are few times of the year in sports as interesting as October. It might not be March Madness, but it's damn close. The NFL season is underway and MLS continues. The NBA is just getting going and, if we are extremely lucky, we have a reason to care about the MLB playoffs -- it hasn't happened in a while, but still. If you care about hockey, you can catch the NHL as well.

8. Getting outside

The weather is quickly improving (more on that in a moment) and it's time to get outside. That means exercise, outdoor events and, most importantly, sitting on a patio. If you can't enjoy a margarita in Houston in October, you may as well move to Michigan.

7. Lower pollution levels

Ozone can be brutal in the summer. It is some of the worst in the country thanks to a combination of vehicle pollutants, chemical refineries and summer heat. Thankfully, the change in weather mitigates ozone levels and northerly winds help clear the air, literally.

6. Mosquitoes and roaches are about to go into hibernation.

It usually takes our first freeze, which doesn't always occur in autumn, but as we get closer to that moment, we get nearer to a time when the two most annoying pests in Houston disappear for a while.

5. High school football

Ah, Friday night lights, a ritual in Texas like nowhere else. For some, it borders on religion. And in the fall, high school football goes into overdrive.

4. Energy bills drop.

All summer, the air conditioning is running and electric bills are soaring. The heat and humidity make life miserable without a/c. In parts to our north, their heating bill pain is just starting. Thankfully, we start finding extra a little extra cash in the bank as our bills go in the opposite direction.

3. Hurricane season is over.

Technically, hurricane season doesn't end until the end of November, but the first cool fronts of the year in Texas late in September and early in October effectively end our hurricane chances. Do, go ahead and drink those stores of bottled water and kill off those batteries until next May.

2. Festivals

From the Renaissance Festival to the Italian, Greek and arts festivals, every weekend is jam packed with stuff to do. If you can't find something to do this time of year, you aren't paying attention.

1. The weather, obviously.

Instead of icy cold weather, dreary overcast conditions and heavy winter wear, we have sunny skies, cool fall air and maybe a light sweater on the coldest evenings. But, for the most part, we can keep the flip flops on and still wear shorts while the rest of the country gets the cold shoulder.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.