A $10 Million Cricket Stadium In Houston? A Big-Time Cricket Official Says It's In The Works

Two years ago, officials in South Florida built a $10 million cricket stadium, because...because....well, apparently it seemed the thing to do.

But the thing has turned into a bit of a white elephant, reports the Sun-Sentinel of Broward County.

The paper talks to Don Lockerbie, president of the USA Cricket Association, who says not to worry. "Right now [the stadium] has no competition for international cricket, but that could change," the paper said. "Lockerbie of the USA Cricket Association said Houston and cities in New York and southern California are considering building cricket stadiums."

So the cricket world is booming and times are great and -- say what? Houston is looking into building a cricket stadium?

We've got a call in to Lockerbie to see just what city or cricket fan is trying to plunk down $10 million for a stadium, but we've yet to hear back.

But Nanda Kumar, vice president of the Houston Cricket League, says such a plan would be news to members of his group.

"There's nothing planned now that we know of, and we would know for sure if there was," he says. "There's no funding for it, first of all."

Yeah, the funding would seem to be one of the obstacles.

It's not that the HCL wouldn't like a stadium. "One hope I had was that [alleged Pnzi schemer Allen] Stanford would build one," Kumar says. "But that looks like it's no longer an option."

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