A Bit Of A Slowdown In The Rush To Approve BARC's Change Agent

City Council did not vote on BARC interim chief Gerry Fusco's contract because it was not completed in time for the meeting, according to the mayor's agenda director.

"The documents weren't in," Marty Stein told Hair Balls. "....In this case, what happened was, because this is kind of a special contract, we had promised...[Councilman] Jarvis Johnson's committee in our review, that...the contract would have very detailed deliverables, with [a] timeline."

Stein said that information might be completed and on its way to council members as early as this afternoon. The item will be on the August 25th meeting agenda. Fusco is halfway into a six-week contract, made possible by a roughly $50,000 Health and Human Services Department purchase order. City Council will vote on whether to approve an additional $158,000 for a total six-month contract.

"It was a very laborious process," Stein said. "....We're sort of taking extra care with this contract because there's so much interest in it, and we want to be...transparent. We had hoped we could get it done, but we wouldn't want to ask Council to vote on [without] having seen...the details that they'd asked for."

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