A Call for Calls, or Why I Need My Own Radio Show

I saw this little nugget yesterday. ESPN Radio is replacing Dan Patrick with Mike Tirico of Monday Night Football and Stephen A. Smith of the LOUD VOICE.

The guy running 97.5, Houston’s ESPN Radio affiliate, isn’t really sure about this combo. He’s taking comment from listeners as to whether he should stick with the network or go with local programming.

I know this much, I can’t handle any more guys from New York yakking on the Houston airwaves. And I can’t take any more guys who can’t speak in complete sentences. And I don’t think the Chron has any major writers left to spare for another show: I guess they could team up Michael Murphy and Moisekapenda Bower for a show; they couldn’t be worse than Ortiz.

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But I’ve got the solution. If they’re going to go local, there’s only one way to go. As I mentioned awhile back, it’s time for me to get a radio show. So why don’t you people give 97.5 a call and tell them to give me a show. I’m a native Texan. I can speak in sentences. And I won’t kiss management’s ass.

I think that probably makes me overqualified. But what the heck, it’s only radio. If John Granato can do it, so can I. – John Royal

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