A Chat With The Husband Of The Recently Deceased Manson Girl

Ex-Manson Family follower and stone-cold psychopathic demoness Susan Atkins died in a California prison hospital today, forty years after she helped kill actress Sharon Tate (eight months pregnant at the time) and seven other people in the notorious "Helter Skelter" murders. She had been battling brain cancer. Prison officials said her second husband was at her bedside, but Hair Balls was more interested in what her first husband, former Houstonian Donald Lee Laisure, had to say. Or maybe we should say "possible" former Houstonian.

We say that because, when Laisure married Atkins in 1981, nearly everything he said had an air of, well, batshit craziness. A self-described multi-millionaire who liked to replace the "S" in his last name with a dollar sign, Laisure had told the Associated Press that he met Atkins on a Southern California freeway in 1965, and they subsequently kept in touch via mail and ESP. He also told reporters that Atkins -- whom he affectionately called "Honey Bear" -- was innocent, that he spent $6.4 million to free her, and that he would get her "a pardon at the White House level." Sadly, the plan was dashed when the couple divorced after a matter of months.

When we called the 81-year-old Laisure today at his home in Greenville, northeast of Dallas, he reiterated the freeway meeting story, but then he followed that up by saying he met her in an airport where he kept a private jet. He also told us that he lived at 11000 Memorial Drive "for years" and was "a good friend" of the late, legendary Texas lawyer Percy Foreman, who once represented Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassin, James Earl Ray.

We wanted to know what drew Laisure to Atkins -- her physical beauty, her childlike spirit, the way she and her associates wrote "Pig" and "Helter Skelter" on the walls in their victims' blood? Alas, we were never able to get that deep into the story of this passionate yet short-lived affair. We were only able to get in a few questions before he asked if he needed an attorney and told us he said all he had to say.

Hair Balls: So, how long were you married?

Lai$ure: Well, I got a divorce in Cuba signed by Castro his self. And I got another divorce in Hunt County, Texas.

HB: Wait -- you got a divorce in Cuba? Why Cuba?

Lai$ure: Well, just because I could do it....You asked me, and that's what I told you.

HB: Well, I'm just confused, because if the marriage was in California, why would the divorce be in Cuba?

Lai$Sure: Well, they had jurisdiction over it anyway.

HB: What was she like as a person? We know about her crimes, but...

Lai$ure: Well, she had a conversion to Christianity, I can tell you that. And that's about all I can tell you about it.

HB: And that was a genuine conversion?

Lai$Sure: I would say it was, but she was guilty as hell, anyway.

HB: Looking back on that time...is it with fondness, or do you think it was a mistake?

Lai$ure: I don't know. I didn't think it was a mistake at the time. You know, I'm also a retired general officer [of] the U.S. Marine Corps.

HB: I did not know that.

Lai$ure: Yeah, I don't want to go into that any further anyway.

HB: So you're retired now, or do you...

Lai$ure: That's right. I'm also an heir to an oil business.

We couldn't find any information on this alleged oil business, just
a few old fraud convictions. But there's really no reason to bring up
the past. The man's first wife just died, for goodness' sake.

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