A Choke Job By 790AM's Adam Wexler

Update: Our own choke job!! We spelled Wexler's name incorrectly throughout the first time around. Apologies.

Everyone working in local sports-talk radio probably hopes for some national exposure. Adam Wexler of 790AM got some this weekend.

This YouTube video is working the internet and sports blogs this morning, featuring a hoarse Wexler identifying himself to ask a question of Duke players in the post-game press conference....and then utterly losing his voice.

He stumbles out an apology as the crowd laughs, then gets mocked by the next questioner.

Wexler seems to be taking things in stride. He immediately Tweeted that he "sounded awesome" and follow-ups tweets have been responding to bloggers:

"@Allen_Reid Fine by me, run it. I can laugh at myself. @FavreDollars already youtubed it. I'll have it on our site soon," reads one.

"High comedy for sure," the station's website notes. Hey, he didn't choke as much as Kentucky did.


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