A Collection Of Taxidermied Bears On The Occasion Of A Texans Windy City Win

Yes, it's immature.

Yes, it's kinda wrong, considering Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was hit so hard his moustache flew off and he suffered a concussion and had to leave the game.

And yes, it wasn't a high-scoring game at all and looked for more like a losing Astros score.

But our bulls paraded in the mud and muck to get our eighth win of the year, subduing (most) critics.

OK look, we got some choice taxidermy photos of bears from an auction coming up soon here in Houston. Seriously, here's the website. I call dibs on the alligator.

It was a wet and muddy game, nail-biting to the end. That small lead was too close to bear -- wink wink -- but we pulled out dubya in front of a Sunday night football audience.

If you are sickened by beautiful, majestic stuffed animals that are on sale at a warehouse near Hobby Airport, maybe you shouldn't look at this blog.

And the Texans play the Jacksonville Jaguars next weekend. See you then folks!

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