A Dance With The Fearsome Tango At The Rodeo Carnival

If your stomach is even a little weak, the Tango is not for you. It doesn't look *that* terrifying, but trust us, once you are rapidly spinning around upside down, you'll be wondering when it will end. Halfway through the Tango, 11-year-old Hair Balls correspondent Jade Matusow declared, "Okay, I am never going on this ride again." She had to keep her eyes closed the entire time and sit down on a bench afterward. Her ratings of the Tango, on a scale of 1 to 5:

• Barf factor: 5 (Vomit Comet time)
• Scream factor: 5 (If you're not screaming, it's only because you're trying not to be sick)

More photos, after the jump.

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Cathy Matusow
Contact: Cathy Matusow