A Different Kind Of Brink's Robbery

Uncomfortable moments in retail, Part XVIII -- You know how when you're the manager of, say, a Dave & Buster's, and there's a knock on the back door and it's a guy wearing a Brink's uniform saying he's ready for that day's pick-up?

And you know how you go, "What do you mean -- you guys already came by and I gave you our deposits"?

And the Brink's guy goes, "We didn't have anyone come by"?

And you then confirm that Brink's indeed did not have anyone come by earlier?

Your proper reaction should be to say:

"Oh shit."

"Oh shit, I am soooo fucking screwed."

"Mr. Brink's Man, could you just shoot me now?"

Or, we guess, you could hope Crime Stoppers comes through and D&B's gets their money, if not your dignity, back.

Here's the narrative from Crime Stoppers:

At approximately 2:13 p.m. that afternoon, the manager at the Dave & Busters at 7620 Katy Freeway received word that a Brink’s Guard was waiting at the deposit room door to pick up the deposits for the day. The manager opened the door to a man dressed in a Brinks uniform and carrying a weapon as well. He gave the deposit bags to the guard, who then signed the log book and left the premises.

Later that same afternoon, another man dressed in a Brinks uniform reported to pick up the daily deposits. When the manager said the deposits had already been picked up, the guard said there was no scheduled pickup earlier in the day. A call to Brinks confirmed his statement.

As we say, "Oh shit" is appropriate.

But hey, at least the first guy did sign the log book.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.