A Faint Stench

Along with your lungs, Camel is destroying the concept of a concert ticket. The cigarette company sponsored last night's Faint show at Warehouse Live. Camel bought up most of the tickets and had their reps distribute vouchers for free tickets throughout the city, but here's the problem: The vouchers looked liked actual tickets with no indication otherwise. In fact, the backside had the word "ticket" printed all over it with "no refunds" and "no exchanges" printed on the front.

Now, I love free tickets, but not false promises. The only hint these tickets were not a guaranteed way into the show was the phrase "Admittance limited to venue capacity" printed at the bottom. Well, the Warehouse was packed. I showed up just before The Faint went on to find a line of 100 — 150 fans standing outside waiting to get in. I went to the will call booth to pick up my press tickets (lucky me) where a girl was complaining to the box office. She held up her ticket and asked "What's this?"

"That's a voucher for a ticket," the employee said.

"Why does it say 'ticket,' then?" she replied.

The employee shrugged.

"That sucks!"

The girl was right, that does suck. This isn't the first time Camel has put on a show like this either. A few months back, Kings of Leon played the Meridian and "tickets" for the show were distributed all over town. Some fans were left, like the ones at the Warehouse, standing outside or returning to their cars because the place had reached max capacity.

Hey Camel reps, don't you live in Houston? Don't you know this is a commuter town? People plan their evenings around concerts because they will have to drive and no doubt pay for parking. Don't hand them a ticket if it's not a guarantee. Be honest and tell them there is a free show that's on a first-come, first-served basis. This way, people can choose if they want to risk driving a ways to stand in line for a show they might not get into. Keep it up and we might have to call these guys. -- Dusti Rhodes

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