A Fox? Really?

It was a cold day to sit on an aluminum bench for the kind of outcome that gives non-soccer fans the chance to lecture: “See, soccer is boring.” Ninety minutes of regular play and three minutes of stoppage time tagged on and the result of the Dynamo home opener against Los Angeles Galaxy was a goose egg tie. The biggest cheers were for Ryan Cochane as he walked majestically off the field after he got a red card for grabbing the jersey of Robbie Findley as Findley was on his way to what appeared to be a sure fire goal.

Add to that was one of the lamest halftimes ever. Last season the Dynamo promoted local kid players during the break, bringing teams on to battle it out at Robertson Stadium. This time they had Dynamo Diesel, the team’s mascot in the form of a fox. A fox? WTF? And he was boring.

Still, there was some good soccer played along the way as both teams came close to scoring a few times and Dynamo goalie Pat Onstad was back in good form making some key saves. And it was great to see the Galaxy’s Landon Donovan up close as he cut through the Orange men. Although one fan was less than thrilled, yelling periodically: “Donovan you suck!” and “You suck Donovan!” and “You’ll never make the U.S. team again!” and the somewhat random “Gain some weight Donovan! You’re too light!”

Topping it all off were the relentless Texians. In addition to the drums and tubas and pirate flags and cheers in two languages, one of their leaders periodically waved a Che Guevara flag whenever it looked like the Dynamo might score. Again, huh?

Next home game is 7:30 Saturday against Chivas. – Margaret Downing

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