A Garland for the 'Stros?

Garland is a giant on the mound and has a mean curve. Bring 'im on!

Astros fans who jumped for joy this morning when they heard the team might be getting long n' lean slinger Jon Garland (he's 6'6/215) from the Chicago White Sox in exchange for pitcher Taylor Buchholz and speed demon center fielder Willy Taveras might be soured by this report: The Sox, according to the Chicago Tribune, are denying the trade.

So did Chron reporter Jose De Jesus Ortiz, who broke the story on the daily's site, jump the gun? Or does he have a major scoop? Ken Williams, the Sox's general manager, said this of the deal:

"We have nothing going on."

Of course, this could be front-office posturing, as they respond to a leak before the paperwork is done. Or, it could be nothing. But the deal would be a coup.

Astros fans, or anyone who may have watched that thing called the "World Series," will remember that Garland gave the 'Stros the fits. The 2005 season was a breakout for him, and in the World Series, Garland's curveball devastated our batters.

As much as it would stink to see Willy Taveras go, dude's a speedster, not a scorer, and Garland is an 18-game winner. He'd give the team the stud behind Roy Oswalt, a luxury given all the Andy Pettite talk. (We could essentially let the Deer Park native walk.) So will the Astros respond? Will Ortiz cry foul on his blog? We can't wait to see how this one plays out. — Steven Devadanam

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