A Guilty Plea And 15 Months For That Big Dogfighting Bust

Photo by Paul Knight
The announcement of the big bust.
That much-ballyhooed dogfight bust last year has yielded some jail time: A 35-year-old Houston man has pled guilty and will receive a 15-month state-jail sentence for both causing and attending a dogfight, the DAs office has announced.

"Belinda Smith, an Assistant District Attorney in the Animal Cruelty Section, said evidence showed the fight involving Bates' dog went on for more than an hour and caused injuries to both dogs in that fight," the office said.

"Operation Dead Game," as it was called, resulted in the arrests of 50 people and the confiscation of about 100 dogs. The results were announced in November.

Sterling Honoray Bates is the guy who will be getting the jail time. His deal is a lot better than the ones the confiscated dogs got.

As we first noted shortly after the bust, most of the dogs were killed by the Houston SCPA, much to the outrage of pit-bull fans.

SCPA officials told us there was no choice in the matter. "These animals are bred from a long line of fighting dogs to be aggressive," Houston SPCA spokeswoman Meera Nandlal told Hair Balls at the time. "We have made the decision that they will be humanely euthanized."

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