A Hold-Out In The Obama-McCain Election

The morning commute into town left me near a late-model Range Rover, bottle-blonde, soccer-mom Tanglewood type at the wheel.

The luxury car featured two bumper stickers: One, a small decal with the McCain logo and a big drawing of kissy lips that said "Read My Lipstick." Sort of clever, if you're the kind of person who actually believes that Sarah Palin was ready for the Presidency.

The other, larger one was in stark black and white. "Barack Obama Is Not My President," it blared.

Technically true, technically true. But give it about two months, ma'am. (I believe Donald Rumsfeld called these kind of people "dead-enders.")

Speaking of political bumper stickers, what ever became of all the "W `04" stickers? Used to be you couldn't drive a block in Houston without being confronted by one.

Did the drivers all turn sheepish and scrape them off as their 401(k)s plummeted? Did they trade in the massive SUVs that usually sported the decals for more gas-efficient vehicles?

Nah. Any embarrassment would probably stem from being seen in a car that was (gasp!) demonstrably four years old. And they just haven't yet found the store that sells the "Barack Obama Is Not My President" stickers.

-- Richard Connelly

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