"Today we're going to talk about creative deductions..."

A Lesson in Irony

You gotta wonder how many students at TSU are doing a double-take at their class schedules:


Yeah, Priscilla Slade. The same P. Slade who, with three of her aides, was ousted for (allegedly) spending school money on personal expenses, is teaching accounting classes at the university.

Seems Slade has tenure, and a little bad PR hasn't deterred her from returning to the classroom. She told the media that she's enjoying her return to teaching. We can only imagine the syllabus: "How to Make a $340,000 per Year Salary Work for You." Who wouldn't sign up for that?

Maybe number cruncher Andy Fastow could be inspired to teach a hybrid accounting/music class, too. And why stop there? How about having Jordy Tollett head up a time management course?

Anyhoo, we can't wait to see what our favorite s***-talkers at Call of Da Wild have to say about this one. — Steven Devadanam

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