A Little Couple? A Little Booooorring.

Oh my God, Miss Pop Rocks, now you're going to pick on little people? HAVE YOU NO SHAME, WOMAN? 

Truth is, I don't. But hear me out. I am not picking on TLC's latest reality stars -- Houston's very own Jen Arnold and Bill Klein -- because they are small. I am picking on them because they are boring as hell and there is no need for them to be on TV. 

Bill's a businessman, Jen's a doctor, and they live in Sugar Land with their dog. I know, I know, it's crazy, right? I mean, they have a dog!?!?!? The bottom line is they are just very average suburbanites making their way through the world, and trips to the grocery store and cooking dinner together is simply not as thrilling as TLC would want us to believe it is -- even if you are under four feet tall. It would be like filming Mr. Pop Rocks and me as we ramble around our ranch house arguing about whose turn it is to clean the kitty litter. The only difference is we can store said kitty litter on top of the fridge. 

Case in point. During one episode, Jen had to ask Bill to help her decide what dress to wear to Bill's brother's wedding. Then later, Jen got a migraine. Wha???? OMG! I was literally on the edge of my seat as I waited to see how it would all play out. Actually, I was on the edge of my seat reaching for the remote control to change the channel to C-SPAN, infinitely more thrilling than The Little Couple. 

I get that Jen and Bill are just trying to prove to the world that being shorter than average makes them no different than you or me. They have succeeded! Their show has clearly shown us all that they are just as everyday as anyone else. I'm sure they're lovely people, but am I the only one who sees no need for a season two?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.