This is probably what your Saturday will look like, so get out and enjoy it.
This is probably what your Saturday will look like, so get out and enjoy it.
Photo by Roy Luck via Flickr

Weekend Weather: Rainy Start to a Nice Weekend

So, it's a regular weekend. Unless you took vacation, you aren't getting a big four-day holiday, maybe not even a three-day breather. So, at least you can look forward to some nice weather when you are off work right? Well, yes and no.

It was a rather chilly early part of the week with temperatures dipping into the 30s for much of the area before a rather muggy and overcast Wednesday. As we head into the weekend and the passage of a weak cold front, the rain chances increase, but only a bit.

Thursday and Friday will be our best chances for rain between now and Sunday. Both days will see highs in the mid 70s and sticky evenings with lows in the upper 60s. There is a fairly good chance of rain both days — around 50 percent — though the worst of it should stay to the east and northeast of Houston.

The front clears overnight Friday and there may be a strong storm or two in the area as it does, but don't count on it. But once it pushes through, Saturday should be quite beautiful with temperatures in the mid 70s under sunny skies with light winds and low humidity. If you haven't put up your Christmas lights yet, this would be the day.

It will be a bit warmer with a few more clouds on Sunday as another, stronger cold front approaches — that one should arrive by Monday afternoon and drop daytime highs back into the 50s. But, if you are tailgating for the Texans game, expect a few clouds and temperatures in the 60s in the morning. In other words, damn near perfect.

Fortunately, even though the weekend is the standard two-day variety, it should be a fine one.

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