Cold weather didn't stop marathoners on Sunday morning.
Cold weather didn't stop marathoners on Sunday morning.
Photo by Jack Gorman

Weather Week: Short Warm Up Before Cold Returns

Houston's first freezing weather this year set in over the weekend with temperatures dipping to at or slightly below the freezing mark early Sunday morning, just in time for the Houston Marathon. Fortunately, it was followed by some spectacular sunshine with highs in the low 50s.

We will have a slight warmup Monday and Tuesday ahead of a cold front before we go back into the refrigerator if not the deep freeze.

With winds shifting back out of the south, Monday will be a cloudy affair with highs around 60 degrees. In fact, the temperature won't fluctuate much throughout the entire day with lows maybe only five degrees cooler than the high.

Tuesday will be cloudy and mild for much of the day with increasing chances of showers as the afternoon progresses. The high will reach the upper 60s with a low that will depend on the timing of the front. If it passes before midnight, lows will drop into the upper 30s. Otherwise, temperatures won't drop until early Wednesday morning.

Though we should have a good chance of a line of showers and thunderstorms overnight, the amount of rainfall probably won't be more than a half an inch if that.

After the front, expect crisp weather Wednesday morning with a high barely reaching 50. It will be cloudy but skies will begin clearing as the day continues. And overnight Wednesday into Thursday, we could see temperatures drop below freezing for most of the area, into the upper 20s for areas north and west of the city.

Thursday and Friday should be beautiful with highs in the 50s, lows in the upper 30s to around 40 under clear, sunny skies. We might be in for a bit of a wet Saturday, but we'll deal with that later in the week.

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