"Johnson explo... um, I mean, runs down the sideline!"

A Long Bomb at Reliant!

I know a few Texans season ticket holders who've secretly dreamed of blowing up Reliant Stadium, but this is a little extreme.

There's news today that several NFL stadiums, including Reliant, were named as targets for radiological dirty bomb attack in a recent Internet thread titled "New Attack on America Be Afraid." The other stadiums named are in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Oakland and Cleveland.

Gee, is it a coincidence that none of those teams are doing so well?

Anyhoo, looks like the site that's listed in the searches, The Friend Society (or its cousin, the F***Society) has been taken down. The Feds don't seem to be taking the threat too seriously. The folks at Reliant Stadium held a press conference today (for which the media was given 15 minutes notice) about the threats. Sez Shea Guinn, the president of Reliant Park:

"We have and continue to maintain a good, working relationship with both local and federal law enforcement agencies, and based on the Department of Homeland Security's statement; they have judged that there is not a credible threat to the greater Houston area.

As we do with all of our events at Reliant Park, we are working with our law enforcement officials and DHS to ensure a safe environment for all fans, players and gameday employees.

For the safety of the facility, our policy remains that we are not able to disclose any detailed security procedure or information."

So there you have it. No need to stay home this weekend, Texans fans. (Well, other than the obvious reason.)

Meanwhile, I'll call Texans play-by-play announcer Mark Vandermeer and ask if he'll be referring to David Carr's long passes as "bombs." Will he and Andre Ware be allowed to say the team's "blowing up" in the third quarter? Stay tuned. — Steven Devadanam

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.