A Man. A Plan. A Small Battery-Operated Device.

How many times have you wished you had your own drumset, so you could bust out a rim shot every time your buddy says something outrageously funny, like "Get-r-done!"? Well, one Houston man is trying to turn that dream into reality.

Glen Jackson, a 48-year-old refinery worker, recently patented the design for the "Rim Shot," a small battery-operated device that gives you a rim shot or drumroll at the touch of a button.

Comic genius, or the most annoying toy ever? Hair Balls had to find out.

"Anything could be annoying, taken out of context - anything can be that way, [like] 'That's what she said.'" Jackson told Hair Balls with a chuckle. "You get tired of that. You want to hit somebody when they say that."

Jackson says he tries to make everyone laugh at work, in order to keep up morale. He's hoping the Rim Shot would help even more. But the Rim Shot isn't just for the workplace - Hair Balls has come up with some other great opportunities to use this invention (assuming it actually gets manufactured).

- Any lecture given at the Houston Holocaust Museum

- Rothko Chapel

- Harris County Jail

- Star of Hope men's shelter

- Outside any Planned Parenthood clinic

- Houston City Council meetings (public input portion)

- The Houston Grand Opera

- Lakewood Church

-- Craig Malisow

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